Does Twice Confirmed Traffic Deliver Paid Signups?

Any decent traffic generator should be able to lift the numbers on your hit counter with relative ease, but that does no good if the balance in your bank account doesn’t start to rise at the same time. There are a ton of different things that you can do to drive traffic to a blog or affiliate website, but getting those people to pay is where things start to get sticky. You will see wildly varying results from the different marketing methods you use, but that generally involves staying on top of them all and taking time to track the numbers for each.

While you can definitely reap the benefits of taking that approach, you will find that you simply don’t have the time to do it, especially if you are doing business online on a part-time basis. Imagine being able to pay someone $59.95 to do all of your marketing for you, as well as double checking all the advertising methods they use to make sure that you get sales. That is exactly what you get when you take a few minutes to sign up with Twice Confirmed Traffic.

Once you become a member, you will be able to promote an unlimited numbers of links, all of which are marketed using a number of different techniques. TCT analyzes the results of all the advertising methods they use to ensure that they are delivering results for your business. If it is revealed that you are not seeing the results you want or expect, they will change things up using feedback from you and all the other members of the program.

The method of checking and verifying is called the “Conversion Feedback Loop,” and is what TCT uses to ensure that they are only spending your advertising dollars in places that have proven to deliver guaranteed sales over and over again. What does that mean for your bottom line? Simply put, the longer you stay with the program, the more effective it will become at finding the advertising options that work best for your specific business. The feedback delivered by you and all the other members’ results in them employing a “Traffic Shifter” to make sure that everyone is getting the sales they need to be profitable.

There are no other programs like this that I know of that can take their own results and user feedback to create a marketing program that delivers sales. TCT may be billed as a traffic generator, and it certainly works in that regard, but it might be better off being billed as an intuitive sales generating machine. Promote and unlimited number of links and then sit back and watch as each of them starts to put money in your pocket.

See you at the top!

Eric “Big E” Garrison

Twice Confirmed Traffic Review

In order to have any kind of success online, you need to be able to generate a ton of traffic to your website or offer, which is not necessarily something that comes easy. There are a number of different traffic generators out there, all of whom promise to deliver huge amounts of traffic to anything that you promote. That’s all well and good, but what if none of those visitors are interested in opening up their wallets and buying from you? All you are left with at that point is money thrown down the drain every month.

Twice Confirmed Traffic is a relatively new player on the traffic generation scene, but what they do is a little bit different than the rest. Rather than just throwing your links into a massive advertising pool, which may or may not deliver results, they take the time to confirm that your business is actually reaping the benefits of their system, which is done by using a system they call the “Conversion Feedback Loop.” In short, if they purchase advertising for you that doesn’t work, they will switch to another method that is better suited to what you need.

Getting started in incredibly easy, as this has been designed for both newbies and internet marketing pro’s alike. You can literally sign up for Twice Confirmed Traffic and have your links added to the system in a matter of minutes. This addition of links was something else that I loved in TCT. While many traffic generators limit you to 5-10 links, you have an unlimited number of slots in this system, which allows you to really try out all kinds of different pages at the same time.

Another pleasing aspect of the TCT system is the price. Anyone who spends any amount of time in internet marketing knows that advertising costs can get pricy very quickly. For just $59.95 per month, all of my advertising for all of my sites is packaged in one place. I only need to make 2 or 3 sales in order to be in profit, which is not something that can be said of many other programs. The effectiveness of the system means that I am now free to pursue other aspects of my business, safe in the knowledge that the visitors and sales will come.

The measure of any system or program is the results that it delivers. What makes TCT so special is that it uses the conversion tool to tweak your advertising along the way. It uses your feedback, as well as that of other members, to use only those advertising methods that have shown to deliver positive results over and over again. What that means is that your conversion rate is likely to climb the longer you stay with the program and it starts to understand which methods of advertising work for you. I cannot recommend Twice Confirmed Traffic enough for anyone looking to boost their online leads and sales.

To our mutual success,

Eric “Big E” Garrison

Twice Confirmed Traffic Results After 1 Month

I really do believe that the old adage about time being money is actually true, which is why I expect something that I am paying good money for to start working for me in a timely fashion. Traditional online marketing methods that are free can take some time to deliver results, but when you start paying for traffic generation, time becomes a critical factor. I had read a lot of good things about Twice Confirmed Traffic, and I believed that the $59.95 monthly fee was not a lot to ask when I considered the amount of money that I had spent and lost on other programs.

That said, my expectation was that I should at the very least make my money back using this system. What I actually got was a whole lot more, which included proof that the TCT way of doing business was one that could very well change the way online marketers promote their products. My fear was that something that would work as well as claimed would surely be hard to master, but that was not the case at all. The main site said that the program was designed with the total newbie in mind, and that is in fact that case.

I took some time to familiarize myself with how everything works before plugging my links into the system (if you can copy and paste, you can be up and running in minutes). My goal was to make back the money I had invested, but I really wasn’t prepared for how quickly that actually happened. Within 24 hours I was seeing some real significant boosts in the traffic levels at each of my sites, but to make things even more exciting, I quickly made a sale on a site that I had been previously struggling with and was considering giving up on.

By the end of the first week I was seeing my visitor numbers gradually increase. What was even more stunning though was that my conversion rate was climbing at a rate far higher than my visitors. This proved to me that the program was working exactly as it said it would. If you haven’t already heard, Twice Confirmed Traffic actually takes the time to ensure that the traffic they buy on your behalf is in fact responsive using a system they call the “Conversion Feedback Loop.” The feedback that they receive allows them to make changes to you, and everyone else’s, advertising campaigns so that you only get traffic that has proven to be responsive.

I really noticed those changes in action, as my conversion rates steadily climbed over the course of that first month. Leads and sales were now at a level that I could only have dreamed of, with my initial investment being quadrupled by the end of the first 30 day. It goes without saying that I opted to stay with Twice Confirmed Traffic, as it seems obvious that they have my business in mind and will continue to help it grow in the coming months.


Eric “Big E” Garrison